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Here we are,

Over a decade into our wildly passionate romance with creating music, and we are finally set to record our first studio work. Our EP “The Vardo” will be recorded by the talented Dave Tate at Red Earth Recording Studios this coming, July. We are beyond thrilled to be creating this body of work nuzzled intimately between the beautiful red rock and the heart of Zion in Springdale, Utah.

We have dedicated ourselves for many years now to being live musicians, creators and storytellers. Connecting with people from here and there the very best way we know how, to sing and dance with the soles of our feet firmly planted on our Nana’s rug while sharing in the energy of a live crowd. While this will always be our true and great love when it comes to our art, we have decided to share our music on an even grander scale. Not for fame or glory, but for the ability to connect with more and more people. To share, learn, and create more with others and in turn with ourselves. This project marks an enormous step for us. One we do not take alone. For it is with the love and belief of one of our most cherished companions that we are able to take this step. So, we step now, forward with him, and with you.